Light Exercise

I have been to the doctor more times than I can count since January and now it’s almost April! I don’t want to leave my house right now! I am a bit scared about the chance of getting Covid19!

I am a 3rd grade teacher and now I am teaching online. This is kind of fun. The problem is, some kids (and parents) don’t take school seriously! I have already been asked to teach a couple of kids in my house while the parents work. I had to respectfully decline! That was hard to do.

The reason I want to talk to you today is I want to share with you my light exercise that my doctor approved for me to do! First, start off light with yoga or stretching. Do things that feel good and don’t put yourself in pain. I do stretching of my arms and legs before I get out of bed. Next, I stand up and reach for the sky and touch my toes. One thing that really works is Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes! 🙂 Try starting out slow and get faster and faster! I promise it will give you a good workout! The last thing I do is walk! I have a treadmill that I use. I started off with 5 minutes and holding on to the sides. Now I am up to walking a mile and it takes about 20 minutes. No! I am not running a race, but I am making progress in making my core stronger!

I also have been using sassafras root to make my own tea. It smells just as good as it tastes. I don’t even need sugar in it! I am trying to use natural remedies to cleanse my body and make me healthier!

What are we going to do if, the medication we get, stops coming because it comes from another country! No! I am not the kind of person that freaks out over every little germ! I am the person who is trying to think about my future! I am realistic! Please click the link and just watch the video from Dr. Nicole Apelian! She has a book about remedies! The book sells for under $40 and It is well worth the money!

Thank you for looking at my site! God Bless!


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