My Hip Flexor is UnFlexed!

Are you sitting too long? Does your Butt hurt every time you get up? It could be that your Hip Flexors are out of shape. Many people have never heard of hip flexors. Once I heard about it, I started asking others if they had heard of it. Most said they haven’t.

Do you sit at your job? Are you couch potato? That is how your Hip Flexors get tightened. WebMD is the go to medical site that I trust. They explain what Hip Flexors are. Your hip flexors are a group of muscles near the top of your thighs that are key players in moving your lower body. They allow you to walk, kick, bend, and swivel your hips. But if your muscles are too tight or if you make a sudden movement, your hip flexors can stretch or even tear.

A hip flexor strain can be mildly uncomfortable or so serious that you have trouble walking and have muscle spasms and lot of pain. It can even cause depression, low or no libido, and back pain just to name a few.

More and More people are working from home right now. They are at their computers for more than 3 hours a day. Many of them never even get up to take a break. Then, when the workday is done, move right on over to the couch or chair and sit to watch television for a relaxing evening. Does this scenario describe you?

We all could use a little more movement in our lives! I have just the thing! Unlock Your Hip Flexors! You won’t believe the magic that it does to help your mood and make you feel better.

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Be Healthy!

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