Hip Flexors; The Beginning of a New Journey

Audrey is a 50+ female that has struggled with her weight since puberty. She started loving food at a very young age. Her mother was a great cook. They were a meat and potato family.

When she hit puberty, Audrey started dating and eating out more and more. She loved food! The food she loved the most was fast food. The problem was, she wasn’t playing outside like she did as a kid. Where was all of that fatty food going to? Straight to the hips!

She fought with this weight problem into her 50s. There were times when she was thinner and times she reached over 200pounds.  In her 30’s and 40’s Audrey’s average weight was 175pounds. Once she hit 50 she was in the 200’s on a regular basis.

She knew she had to do something to keep that weight off. It was killing her knees and she never felt good anymore. She struggled with everything. That love of food was an addiction. When she would stop all the “bad” foods cold turkey, she would cave and go right back to it and gain even more weight.

Audrey decided to give up her soda pop and candy bars that she was eating every day. She replaced it with fruit. She never really exercised much. So this fruit, she thought, was going to help her lose weight was a joke! Sure her body was getting better nutrients, but all the natural sugar from the fruits was making her gain weight.

She was getting even more depressed. Her body was hurting all of the time! Even her anxiety was going through the roof! What could she do? She tried going healthy by giving up the candy and soda. She was eating foods that were good for her.

She talked to her doctor and was very surprised at what he said. He told her that, even though the fruit was better and healthier, the sugars in the fruit were keeping her heavy.

She did some research and found that vegetables were just as important as the fruit. She also needed more protein. And most of all, she needed to get up off her butt and exercise.  

She was in a lot of pain when she tried to exercise. Her fat was fighting her every step of the way. She felt like a failure and didn’t know what to do next. She talked to her good friend Asher.

Asher told her about an exercise that would unlock her hip flexors. He told her that many people don’t realize the effects that a person can have when their hip flexors are locked. It can cause nagging joint pain, bad posture, and trouble sleeping, just to name a few. She didn’t even know what a hip flexor was!

She checked into a program that he told her about. It’s called Unlock Your Hip Flexors! She decided to give it a try. Right away she was skeptical. It was on sale and only cost ten dollars. There was a bonus. With that same ten dollars, she also received Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings and 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet. She was just thrilled! This was the BEST investment that she is ever made. Everything in the program was designed to do at home without extra equipment.

Let’s walk together!

She is able to move more than she was in the beginning. She is so happy to be started on this journey. She has lost 4 pounds so far and she plans on continuing her journey. We should all consider buying this program before it goes up to the regular price!

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Everyone’s weight journey is very personal and I want to say thank-you to Audrey for sharing with us. Even though the journey is personal we can help and encourage each other on the way.

Happy Health


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